Rose Meditation

A Cleansing & Protection Workshop

What is it?

For most of us nearly seventy percent of our thoughts, emotions, fears, desires and dreams are not our own. We act as energetic sponges absorbing the energy of others and then struggle with the consequences of this foreign energy which contaminates our life. This can lead to such confusion that we no longer know who we are and how we want to be in this world.   


In this workshop, you will learn the Rose Meditation, a powerful tool to protect your aura and cleanse your energy. The Rose Meditation is an active meditation that uses simple visualizations. It will give you the ability to observe your own energy and separate the energy of others, and reestablish the connection to your inner guidance and intuition.


The protection and cleansing of your aura will decrease the probability of falling into emotional traps and negative thinking and increase the space for living your truth and manifesting your dreams.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to understand how their energy and their aura functions and also how to create energetic protection during interaction with others.  People who are empathic and struggle with absorption of other people’s energies will also benefit greatly from this workshop.