Aura Readings

What is it?

Your aura is an energy field that holds your soul’s blueprint. The Aura Reading is a psychic reading and a powerful mechanism that facilitates spiritual growth offers guidance and clarity by providing deep energetic cleansing on all layers of your being. 


The process assesses your inner state in the present moment, some readings work with past lives which are connected to issues you are currently facing, some readings also provide the characteristics of your seven principal chakras.  

What does a reading consist of?

The Aura Readinug brings your subconscious issues to your consciousness which moves stagnant energy and helps to release old patterns and behaviors that are no longer serving your highest evolution. These Aura Readings can yield information for the next 5 years (as the readings are recorded, listening to them regularly can expand consciousness and provide a deep understanding of your inner functioning.)

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of their subconscious issues. Those that are interested to gain a deeper understanding of how they actually function; improving their intuition and psychic abilities and transmuting their blockages, understanding their illusions, and releasing what is no longer serving them.

Aura Readings

Need to add description here about these sessions. Are they zoom? Can they be in person? General expectations around what happens after you purchase etc. How do you book time/date etc.