Ancestral Healing 4-week Workshop Series

Steve Ramael

With Steve Ramael

January 25 – February 15, 2023

11am PT/ 2pm ET

Ancestral patterns may have a negative impact on our daily lives and block our flow of vital energy and abundance.

In this powerful workshop made up of four healing rituals, we will dive deeply into repetitive patterns that originated with our ancestors.

Utilizing powerful healing rituals, each lesson will correspond to the system of issues connected to our four primary chakras:

Lesson 1

1st Chakra

survival, male energy and our father, security

Lesson 2

2nd Chakra

emotions, female ENERGY AND OUR MOTHER, relationships

Lesson 3

3rd Chakra

personal power, work and money

Lesson 4

4th Chakra

love, romantic relationships

Connecting to Our Spiritual Heritage

Ancestral healing rituals allow us to access and transmute ancient ancestral patterns, honoring the history of our family and our ancestors and releasing stagnant energy.

We will also connect to the powerful healing energy of the ancient world such as the Norse Religion of the Vikings, the Isis Cult of the Mediterranean Region, Ancient Egypt, and the Crystal Pyramids of Atlantis.

About Steve

Steve is a spiritual mentor, teacher, ritualist, and therapist. He has been working with clients professionally for the last 15 years. Before devoting himself full time to spiritual work, Steve had a successful corporate career in consulting, executive search, and international film distribution. He holds an MBA, and is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.

He is based in Brazil and offers his work online to global clients.  He has conducted his workshops, retreats, and therapies in the US, Brazil, Ecuador, Portugal, Germany, France, Ireland, Estonia, Malta, India, Japan, and Israel.


As a professional ritualist he creates powerful healing rituals and facilitates Ancestral Healing, Aura Reading and Sacred Masculine courses, he does Clairvoyant Readings and Ancestral Clearing Therapy and works as a Conscious Mentor supporting people on their paths.

Please join us for this special opportunity to receive more healing, inner peace and positive transformation in your own life!

Ancestral Healing 4-week Workshop Series

With Steve Ramael

$697 USD


January 25 - February 15
11am LA / 2pm NY / 7pm London

LESSON 1 January 25

1st Chakra:  survival, male energy and our father, security

February 1

2nd Chakra:  emotions, female energy and our mother, relationships

Febrauary 8

3rd Chakra:  personal power, work and money

LESSON 4 February 15

4th Chakra: love, romantic relationships 

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