Ancestral Healing
and Heart Activation


Mediterranean Island of Gozo, Malta

8 Day Retreat, November 12-19, 2023

(Maximum Capacity 14 participants)

— Spend a laid-back week on a breathtaking Mediterranean island, experiencing its magnificent nature, healing your ancestral issues, connecting to your heart and to the loving wisdom of an ancient civilization —

During the Stone Age (4000 BC), magnificent megalithic temples devoted to the worship of the Sacred Earth Mothers were constructed on the Mediterranean island of Gozo.

Some of these megalithic temples still exist today and are the oldest free-standing structures in the world, older than Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids of Egypt. We will visit these ancient places of power in order to activate our hearts into deeper levels of love, acceptance and compassion.

We will also experience powerful Ancestral Healing Rituals that will allow us to access and transmute repetitive patterns that originated with our ancestors, honoring the history of our family and releasing stagnant energy from our female and male lineages.

The setting of this retreat is the beautiful island of Gozo where the pace of life is slow, the air is pure, the views of the Mediterranean Sea are spectacular, the architecture is quaint and the nature is breathtaking.  

A team of experienced collaborators will facilitate magical experiences such as Kundalini yoga, dance, breathwork, meditation and mantras in order to help our bodies gently integrate the healing work and connect our hearts to more joy.  

We will have outings to ancient temples, beaches, caves as well as local architectural marvels.  

Please join us for this spectacular retreat, an opportunity to connect with the energy of this sacred land and receive more transformation, inner peace and joy!


We will be based on the magnificent Mediterranean island of Gozo, which is one of the three islands that make up the country of Malta.

These islands are located at the intersection of ancient trade routes that were prized by many foreign rulers such as the Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Spaniards, the French, the order of the Knights of St. John and the British.

The island of Gozo still maintains its original charm and slow pace of life with undulating groves of olive trees, shepherds tending to their flocks, hidden caves, stunning cliffs, gorgeous sea vistas and white limestone buildings reminiscent of ancient Jerusalem. For these reasons, the island has served as a coveted location for many Biblical-era films.


We will be housed in a luxury villa with gorgeous countryside and Mediterranean Sea views. The property is beautifully constructed of white limestone and is elegantly furnished, it includes two heated swimming pools and a jacuzzi. A comunal mini-gym and sauna is available for our use. Accommodations are in spacious double rooms with their own bathroom.


A wonderful on-site vegetarian chef will provide healthy, superb meals bursting with colors and flavors that provide deep nourishment for your mind, body and soul. The ingredients for our meals will comprise fresh seasonal vegetables, fruit and cheeses from local farms, organic whenever available. Fragrant spices, fresh herbs, olives, wild capers and local olive oil will delight and take care of you, reminding your body of its roots.

Retreat Team

Facilitator of Rituals and Activations

Ramael was raised in New York and has been living in Brazil for the last 20 years. He is an experienced facilitator and team leader and his passion is creating unforgettable and transformational spiritual retreats. In 2018 he worked in Gozo and fell in love with the beauty of the island, its powerful energy and its ancient spiritual heritage. This retreat is the culmination of a dream that was born five years ago. Ramael worked as a spiritual guide in Latin America’s largest healing center, guiding hundreds of people on their healing journeys. He has also worked as a retreat facilitator in Brazil’s largest eco-village and holistic center. Ramael has taken his work to a dozen countries.

Sangeet Joti
Facilitator of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and Dance

Sangeet who is originally from Spain, has been traveling the world for the last 11 years on her quest to unlock the wisdom within and receive transmissions from ancient masters, teachers and energy places. She puts her absolute devotion and heart while teaching, offering a safe space for students to connect and grow. Her passion and purpose in life is to serve the evolution and liberation of the being; awakening the love, the light and the joy in people's hearts.

Jan Hoffknecht
Facilitator of Trance Dance, Mantra Singing, Space Holder

Jan who is from Germany, is an alternative practitioner of psychotherapy, hypnotherapist, passionate musician, energy worker, and space holder and organizer of spiritual and transformative events. In his coaching and psychotherapy practice, Jan has been working with people individually and also with couples. In addition, Jan regularly offers mantra singing circles and trance dance rituals together with his wife. As a hiphop artist, Jan creates inspiring and heart-opening music with spiritual and socially critical lyrics in order to contribute to a positive change towards a more conscious and loving world.

Vegetarian Chef

Dagmara has been cooking for holistic retreats for years. She is originally from Poland, lived for 7 years in the UK and has made Gozo her home during the last two years. In her own words: “Cooking for retreats is my favorite activity because it allows me to grow and savor life. It will be my pleasure and joy to feed you all and support your process of healing, cleansing and opening to a new taste of life.”


from Past Participants

Visas & Travel

US and Brazilian citizens do not need visas to enter Malta, as it is part of the European Union.

To get to our retreat, you will have to fly into the airport of Malta (the airport code is MLA). You can get to Malta via a number of major European cities (such as London, Paris, Rome etc. ). You can reach the island of Gozo by a 45 minute trip on a ferry.


Early Bird Price of US$2,600 per person until July 31 all inclusive 

(accommodation in a double occupancy room, all meals and activities, excludes airfare to Malta and transport to the retreat location on Gozo)

As of August 1, the price will be $2,800

(please note all payments are non-refundable)

For Reservations and More Details:

Please contact Ramael via WhatsApp +55 11 99998-5777 or email: