Quantum Clearing Therapy

What is it?

This therapy works to energetically release karmic issues that are blocking our health, balance, and happiness.  These issues come from a deep layer that was passed down to us by our ancestors. An alternative way to look at our illnesses, fears, insecurities, blockages, anxiety, and chronic pain, is to focus on the influence that our ancestors may have had on our lives. In this therapy, you do not focus on your ancestors, but on the issues that exist in your life, in this way, you will also transmute these issues for yourself and indirectly also heal your ancestors. 


You will understand the root causes of your issues and be able to transmute them.   In this therapy, you will have access to memories that come from when you were in the womb, your childhood or your past lives.  Steve will help you to release these memories and clean the energetic component that is blocking your connection to your essence of balance, abundance, health and well-being. 

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to understand and release deep issues, these may be emotional (fear, anguish) spiritual (insecurity, lack of confidence, unworthiness etc.) or physical (chronic lower back pain, neck pain etc.).